USSSA New proposed Roster Rules / Guest Player Rules

The new proposed Roster Rules / Guest Player Rules are NOT in effect as of this writing. Nothing has changed yet. As in the past, players can be on more than one roster without penalty (exception: players cannot play on two teams in same tournament).

The National Office is working on getting the rules to work with the new website and found a few stumbling blocks.

When they do go into effect, the Roster Rules and Guest Players Rules are TWO SEPARATE RULES. Guest Players will require DEACTIVATION from one roster to guest on another team. The Guest Player will be re-activated to the original roster once the tournament completes.

DEACTIVATION is different than REMOVAL from roster. Removal is more permanent (possibly 30 days). Deactivation is for the weekend.

In the meantime, please remove players who no longer play on your team. Eventually, a player will be allowed on only one permanent roster, not several as is the current situation. Again, this is EVENTUALLY, not now.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for the confusion these new proposed rules may have caused.

Thank you for playing USSSA.

Gordon Patterson State Director, Florida USSSA Fastpitch