Who We Are

Founded in 2007, The SoFlo Wicked, has been developing athletes to succeed at the next level.  Based on integrity, work ethic, and high standards, We have succeeded to get almost 100% of our players in their program to play at the college of their choosing.  The SoFlo Wicked have developed relationships with hundreds of college coaches to help give our players the opportunity to fund the schools that best fit both their athletic and academic needs.  We do not push kids to certain schools for the sake of a commitment, but rather, to get them the best education and experience possible to enhance their future.  With 100% success rate, the Wicked takes great pride in doing things “the right way” while keeping intact our integrity and high standards.

It all Starts With Our Coaches, WHO LOVE WHAT THEY DO!

Dave Hir

Program Director / Head Coach

Dave has coached all levels of softball (rec, middle/high and travel) programs  to preform at their highest ability. He takes great pride in the team’s accomplishments including the 2015 18U TCS SE National Champions and 2016 16U ASA National Runner-up in College Tx.

While highly successful on the national stage at the best tournaments, his great joy is helping his girls become equipped to succeed at the college level. His coaching style puts emphasis on succeeding both on and off the field by stressing the importance of  confidence, work ethics, giving back to others and belief  that they are deserving of the rewards of their hard work. His players have a nearly 100% placement  history at all levels (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JCCAA) and he believes in finding the right fit for the player and their family.

Dave and his wife Christine have 4 children including Madison who pitched UAB.

What We Offer

The SoFlo Wicked staff strives to hold all of our athletes to the highest standard, while teaching them the value of athletics in how it relates life.  While we play to win, our primary focus is on personal and athletic growth of our athletes.  We instill the values of teamwork, taking on challenges with a positive attitude, and facing adversity with tenacity.

The SoFlo Wicked organization takes great pride in our team and the organization as a whole.  Our players are asked to challenge every endeavor with great energy, enthusiasm, and conviction.

Based out of Royal Palm Beach FL, each of the SoFlo Wicked teams will play a 50-60 game schedule, while traveling as far as PA, SC, GA and CO in search of being recruited to the school of their choosing.

Each one of our coaches have competed at a high level program.  Our players are provided with assistance and insight from the highest level of respected role models in softball today.  The skills acquired by this organization help our players establish and develop the necessary skill sets, attitudes and training to best prepare them for the collegiate level and for the rest of their lives.

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